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  • Alan Hughes posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    Oh Karius proving again growing in confidence every game.

    • Karius wasn’t really tested. Don’t think he needed to make a save but wouldn’t have got close to saving that deflected shot that went over the bar – may have had the one that went just wide covered.
      What sets him apart from Mignolet is the distribution, the ball at his feet etc. Sky did a breakdown of the GK’s – De Gea is the best shot stopper and Ederson the best at distribution but it also concluded that the LFC GK’s are far more exposed and faced the most difficult shots to save because of the style of play.
      I have said many times that even the best 2 CB’s will struggle if attacking teams break the press as our midfield offer little protection – don’t keep up with runners, don’t get back to help etc. Therefore the CB has to either go to the player with the ball, pick up a runner, pick up their man or try and intercept the ball. Clever players though will either pass the ball to the runners or attackers that aren’t marked or get into a shooting chance which is why we end up conceding more. Its why Lovren looked out of his depth at LFC yet everyone thought he was the best CB to replace Agger. Just proved he was good in a role but if he doesn’t have support his decision making can make him look stupid – go to the ball and he gets passed around and then out of position, stays in his position he gets criticised for not closing down so often gets caught in no mans land.
      If we had a great CDM, one that knows how to tackle and block attacks before they get to the defence, one that goes with runners so the defenders know they can concentrate on their man or close down the space, we would cut out a lot of the goals we have conceded.
      Karius will grow in confidence and is still a very young keeper. With VVD, Lovren will have someone who is a good leader and communicator – he will know that if he goes the ball VVD will fill in the space he leaves because VVD will tell him. Matip is a good player too but seems quiet – like Lovren – so you need a VVD in there – that will also give Karius confidence – its difficult playing in goal if you don’t feel that confident in your CB’s….