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  • We shall not be moved and we will be back! The title may have gone but we still have more incredible memories to make on 1 June! See you all in Madrid!

  • BAMozzy posted an update 6 days, 22 hours ago

    What an amazing League performance by Liverpool to get 97pts but only good enough for second.
    At least we have June 1st to look forward to, the last chance to get more than just a runners up medal.

    Its hard to criticise the season we have just had but the results after Christmas, when we really needed to push ahead of City ultimately cost us in…[Read more]

  • BAMozzy posted an update 6 days, 22 hours ago

    GOAL! Mane (81mins)

    Another cross from TAA is headed in by Mane to draw level with Salah and Aubameyang for the Golden boot – all on 22 mins – so will any of these score to take the Golden Boot for themselves…
    Come on Liverpool!!! YNWA

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