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  • Alan Hughes posted an update 4 minutes ago

    This guy “Naby Keita” will repack Henderson because of his passing, dribbling, pressing, free kicks, and his goals of course. He (Keita) has passing ability of ‪SG8‬ and Alonso trust me just watch this video as proof…

  • We LiverpoolFC will perform at Anfield vs Chelsea that’s a given.

  • It’s quite simple really, LFC need an AC Milan in 2nd half 3-0 thinking game was won!!. Lesson learned again LFC. Klopp not at all happy. I was worried it was 0-3 HT, knowing LFC it was a risk.

  • What a night! Who does Klopp play on Saturday? Moreno, Milner, or Robertson? I would like to see Robertson given a chance. Moreno was back to his bad old ways. But not all his fault. The midfield not as good in second half especially Wijnaldum

    • Yes I would tend to agree, Wijnaldum hardly ever plays well away from home. It was a collective metal block thinking game was over. Klopp will have gone ballistic post game privately.

  • I feel sick𗁁truly sick. It was the same at Anfield with Firminio missing that penalty to make it 3-1 I stead it was 2-2 … now conceeding “3” in 2nd half FFS!!!!!!

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