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  • BAMozzy posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    Well a good 3pts, started slow in the 2nd half but could have added more goals. In truth, it seemed more like we controlled the second half – keeping it solid and not giving the saints a sniff. Didn’t go out to increase the win, didn’t look like we were soaking up pressure either in the end…

    Next up, an away trip to Porto as the Champions League returns…

    • Karius is going to prove how good he really is IMO.

      • I said when we signed him he had a lot of potential – even though many questioned why we went for him and not a bigger name. Its taken longer than I expected for him to settle – seemed to be trying too hard at times, letting the occasion and fans get to him a bit. Maybe not helped by the people in front of him not giving him confidence in their ability.