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  • James Holmes posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I note it is 2 years since Klopp arrived and his record is no better than Rodgers if not slightly worse. We are still miles away from a league title. I blame FSG with a ridiculous transfer policy over the years. Klopp’s tactics and team selection must also come into question

    • What drugs are you on?, we’re back in the #UCL for God’s sake!!. Yes things are a bit erratic at present but had we got signed Naby Keita to start now and Lallana (not got injury) and of course Van Dijk signed we’d be a lot stronger IMO. It’s also too early in season too.

      • I think it could get a bit messy on Saturday. Messy like the Man City result was messy.. The league table opposite does not lie and football isn’t about ifs and buts, it is a results business and our results this season have not been good enough end of. If this was Rodgers he would have been slaughtered. Let’s hope we can relaunch our season against the scum on Saturday!.

    • Also if Firmino had buried that penalty vs Sevilla at #Anfield to make it 3-1 job done!!, yes Klopp is to blame for no plan B in terms of center half because Van Dyijk issue!!!