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Kenny: the film

Kenny: the film


  1. King Kenny was my boyhood hero. An unbelievable player, right up there with George Best as one of the greatest ever to grace our game. I’m amazed he hasn’t got a knighthood but I have a sneaky feeling he could well do in the New Year’s honours. Long overdue. I can’t wait to get this film on DVD on Monday!

  2. Have pre ordered this film and can’t wait to see it. Saw Dalglish play several times, and met him briefly as a kid. He was a very special player the likes of whom you don’t see today. For skill and influence on a game only Luis Suarez comes close in a red shirt, or any shirt for that matter. I was gutted when FSG fired him in 2012 as felt he should have been given more time. A knighthood long overdue!

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